Enjoy this special episode of Dialogues, where we sat down with Detroit producer Rebecca Goldberg to talk movie soundtracks, the pandemic, Detroit techno, record stores, and much more! Be sure to check out her episode of our Tapes series, where she used soundtracks spanning 50 years to create something different and fresh for all of us.

Dialogues X No. 9

Rebecca Goldberg


none/such takes over Radio80k with a lineup of exclusive heavy-hitters. Stay locked all the way.

none/such Radio80k Takeover



We’re ecstatic to present our 11th episode of tapes, this time special a concept-mix from Rebecca Goldberg, a mainstay of contemporary Detroit techno. Drawing on film-electronica spanning 50 years, this installment of our mix series moves quickly between futuristic musical passages from Detroit, to Canada, Russia, Greece, Japan, and Europe. Including obscure tracks found in the original Soviet “Solaris” (1972) to pop modern explorations of Artificial Intelligence in “Ex Machina” (2015), this hour-long journey takes listeners all over the globe, forward and backward in time. The constant, however, is the focus on forward-thinking electronic experimentations, moods, and atmospheres.

Tapes X 011

Rebecca Goldberg


In this episode of dialogues, we sat down with none/such mastermind jack withers. Besides his work as an audio engineer, graphic designer, visual artist, and web designer, jack just released his all-star tape "Something Wicked"--we discussed influences on the album, production techniques, and much more! Enjoy!

Dialogues No. 8

jack withers


We're back with another episode of our monthly residency on radio80k. This time, jack withers & MEMCO resident Corporeal take the wheel and steer us through a blend of techno, house, electro, hyper-pop and more!

Empty Container #4

Corporeal & jack withers


“Something Wicked” is a carefully produced set of tracks that take listeners from heaven to hell and back. Like a slowly moving painting, the album combines textures, sounds, and danceable beats into a full-fledged and exquisitely defined picture of jack withers--new directions abound. Like the painting on the cover the album, “Something Wicked” delivers with an ethereal yet naturalistic sound, fusing a crisp and groovy style with moody and serene moments.

Something Wicked

jack withers


Just in time for his upcoming album release (and our TENTH episode of tapes), jack withers graces our feed with his episode of our serial mix series. Get ready for a full hour of sweet sounds, housey grooves, and clean synths. Original material included!

Tapes 010

jack withers


Our last mix of the year is truly a special one indeed! MEMCO alums Fabiola & Lorelei teamed up for a magical one-two punch after DJing together for over 5 years now. Starting out as part of the coolest collective in Michigan, they are now both based in Chicago & continue to explore & carve out their very own sound. Tapes X 009 - happy to have you <3

Tapes X 009

Fabiola & Lorelei


As the co-founder of addC rc, who's reach goes as far as Maastricht & Michigian, Charli[e] has been an integral part of Frankfurt's ecosystem for the past couple of years. Known for his charismatic attitude and selfless activism, his events keep providing lots of joy to everyone involved. As a true supporter of none/such since the very beginning, there is no greater honor for us than to have him join our little family.

Tapes X 008



none/such compilation 002 is an effort to raise money for the Detroit Defense Committee, who work to defend all working class and oppressed people. The group is involved in coordinating and providing security for the daily marches organized by Detroit Will Breathe and are in the process of building coalitions and solidarity with other radical organizations in Detroit. The DDC focuses on issues like housing, class inequality, and discrimination of all kinds. The Compilation is free, but any amount donated will go directly to the DDC.

Compilation 002

Various Artists


After blessing us with a ferocious set, we followed up with DJ Mell G and had ourselves a proper chat!

Dialogues X No. 7

DJ Mell G


Continuing our trend of featuring fast-rising talents, this one-hour long speedy & immaculate slap-across-your-face is a good example why DJ Mell G is absolutely knocking it out of the park this year. Originally a Hessen local, the now Hamburg-based DJ & Producer is climbing through the ranks at a pace only challenged by her BPMs. Carried by a “no-bullshit” approach when making music & some refreshing selections, were excited to have her for the seventh installment for our Tapes Series.

Tapes X 007

DJ Mell G


Our radio80k residency continues, this time with DJ Syncbutton & No Author. DJ Syncbutton is the co-founder of Budapest based label & event-series BRVTAL. In addition to that, she also acts as the collective’s art director, whether it’s for graphic design or clothing. Our very own No Author rounds out the second hour - get locked in for some unreleased goodies and new directions!

Empty Container #2

DJ Syncbutton & No Author


Eastwestphalia’s Finest are knocking on your door with their long-awaited, first fully fledged 12” EP on none/such! Steadily challenging any preconceptions you might have about dance music, the Murder Boy’s “All-Killer-No-Filler” approach prevails victorious once again. Five high voltage cuts loaded with enough Watts to light up your whole city’s power grid. Do we really have to say more?

30,000 WATTS



We can’t think of a more fitting way to bring back our Tapes series from hibernation after a long summer, than by allowing the Bielefeld Murder Boys to show us the ropes this time. High Octane Dance Music - record out next Friday!

Tapes 006



Just like that unattended pot full of refrigerated noodles, our sixth episode of Dialogues with the Bielefeld Murder Boys only got more & more interesting over time. Leading up to their record release in a few weeks, the pot people shared thoughtful takes, elaborate real shit & the usual banter.

Dialogues No. 6

Bielefeld Murder Boys


Enjoy 120 minutes of breaky & electrifiyng business, starting out with Berlin based DJ Fuckoff for the first hour. She has steadily been making waves these past months, and brought her A-game to this show with a bass-heavy mix. Picking up right where our guest left off is Chlorine, who is putting systems on overdrive with explosive Breakbeat, Elektro & Jungle to close it out.

Empty Container #1

DJ Fuckoff & Chlorine


Franco’s Pain is back once more with his third tape and first studio album! Prepare for a sonically tasty trip including everything from serene, indie-rock & electro vibes over to jump-around bangers. Available as limited edition cassette tape & digital!

Don't Freak Out, But Remember To Play

Franco's Pain


Sarah Farina is a DJ, producer, and activist based in Berlin. Pioneering her own style called “Rainbow Bass,” Sarah is known for moving quickly between genres and tempos the same way that she views her ideal club: diverse, accessible, and open to everyone. In this fifth episode of Dialogues, we sat down with Sarah to talk about some of the important questions that none/such asks itself and asks of our scenes. We talk about everything from genre, to activism, to drug use, and much more! This is an important one that you don’t want to miss!

Dialogues No. 5

Sarah Farina


"Pop" by Franco's Pain is the second Single from this young musician's upcoming Tape on none/such, which is due to be released on October 2nd. Out now - everywhere!


Francos Pain


For our fourth episode of the Dialogues series, we spoke to Zion & Janek. These two, amongst others, make up the unique Indie-Rock project "Franco's Pain", which has been gaining popularity these last couple of months. We spoke about the upcoming Tape, due to be released in a couple of weeks, as well as the unique relationship Zion & Janek share inside & outiside of the studio & much more!

Dialogues No. 4

Francos Pain


Lorenzo’s EP, "Thin Line" [NSH002], is the relentless debut of a young producer who found the inspiration for this record on various dance floors in and around Berlin. The A-Side features two grinding cuts by the Munich native himself, whereas the B-Side is filled with two impeccable remixes by Switzerland's DJ Anxiety and none/such's very own No Author.

Thin Line



For the fifth installment of our Tapes Series, we invited no other than Coco Bryce to contribute one hour of straight bustling 130 business. Coco has been a staple in Breakbeat, Jungle & Hardcore for over two decades. Besides releasing on his own imprint Myor, he has also been active with projects on Lobster Theremin, 7th Storey Projects & Fresh 86. Most recently, he announced his much anticipated return to Lobster Theremin with his upcoming EP titled "Deep Into The Jungle", which is expected in October.

Tapes X 005

Coco Bryce


"Tokyo" by Franco's Pain is the first Single from this young musician's upcoming Tape on none/such which is due to be released in October. Out now - everywhere!


Francos Pain


Sunny A1 House vibes brought to you by our resident Luke. Time to bust out our bathing suits and take a plunge. Tapes 004 - out now!

Tapes 004



Resident Lorenzo shows up with a speedy, full-force techno mix with plenty of synth stabs to brighten up your week.

Tapes 003



For the third episode of Dialogues, we spoke to none/such resident Lorenzo. Besides discussing his upcoming EP "Thin Line," which is due to be released on September 4th, we also spoke about his preferences in music, varying perceptions of scenes worldwide and why actively participating in club culture is so important to him.

Dialogues No. 3



No Author’s debut EP, "POST FASHION" [NSH001], is a collection of dancefloor-oriented, utilitarian, industrial and percussive cuts with just enough breathing room to dive back in.


No Author


For the second episode of Dialogues, we got the chance to talk to co-curator No Author. With his debut EP on the immediate horizon, we sat down and spoke about his upcoming project, humble beginnings & different perspectives on contemporary dance-music, just to name a few.

Dialogues No. 2

No Author


No Author delivers a fierce & heavy mix, leaving just enough room for a deep breath before descending back into madness.

Tapes 002

No Author


none/such compilation 001 is an effort to end injustice because black lives matter. Detroit Justice Center is a nonprofit law-firm providing legal services and bail assistance to those arrested during Black Lives Matter protests. As bail funds are being supported tremendously by the public, it is crucial to continue to support this movement by donating to community-rooted organizations that are committed to abolition. Detroit Justice Center practices both defensive and offensive community lawyering to create economic opportunities, transform the justice system, and promote equitable and just cities.

Compilation 001

Various Artists


Fresh interview with co-curator Chlorine, introducing the Dialogues series. After getting to know him on a musical level through his mix a couple of weeks ago, you’ll get the chance to hear about early beginnings, current inspirations, three tracks that define his sound & much more!

Dialogues No. 1



Chlorine kicks off the series with a seamless & introspective mix from start to finish, delving deep into his diverse & nuanced influences. Lecker! Tapes 001 out now.

Tapes 001